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Dubai Museum of the future will host 2 workshops that will revolve around the concept of “Jobs of the Future” on June 30, 2024. These captivating workshops will provide numerous future career opportunities revolving around the sustainability sector.

These workshops are led by the experts in collaboration with the “School of Humanity” to provide important insights and guidance to the participants. The “Jobs of the future” workshops will explore key career opportunities within the sustainability sector, including AgriTech specialists and Sustainability consultants.

These workshops are an ideal opportunity for the people who want to discover their career by getting hands-on and practical experiences. Under these workshops, the participants will engage in simulated projects mirroring the roles and responsibilities of the future professions.

The details of the two workshops are mentioned-below:

Jobs of the Future Workshop 1: Mastering the skills of a sustainable consultant

In the growing challenges of Climate change, sustainability consultants play a significant role in guiding global organizations to walk on the path of sustainability. In this workshop. The participants will explore the causes and consequences of climate change and learn and understand the role of climate change experts in today’s dynamic world.

The timings for this workshop are from 10 A.M. to 12 Noon at the Museum of the Future and Saasha Gulamani will be the Sustainability consultant. Under this workshop, the participants will be allowed to take part in a simulation activity and hone their skills through real-world case studies.

Jobs of the Future Workshop 2: Uncovering the future role of AgriTech Specialist

Under this workshop, participants will delve into the prospective role of AgriTech Specialists and their importance in educating and guiding future generations. Global focus on Food Security is shifting many countries to vertical and indoor farming to boost production and enhance food supplies.
The timings for this second workshop are from 12:30 P.M. to 2:30 P.M. and under this workshop, participants will explore new methods of agricultural technology. Moreover, the participants will engage in a mini-hackathon reflecting a challenge of food security in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Source: Gulfnews

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