New Housing Decision

The amount will cover 2,160 applicants under the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme

The UAE Cabinet, run by His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and the Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai, approved a new housing decision worth AED 1.68 Billion. The whopping amount of AED 1.68 Billion will cover a total of 2,160 applicants under the umbrella of Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme (SZHP) in June in 2024.

The cabinet has also approved the “Manzili” project to streamline and simplify the process of Home Loan Assistance. This project will offer 18 housing services to the citizens. This initiative by the UAE Cabinet involves a smooth collaboration between 24 Federal and Local Government entities. This will further reduce the number of involved entities from 11 to 1 and the required documents from 10 to 2, thereby easing the entire process. The main reason behind this simplification is to streamline the procedures from 14 to mere 3 steps, and service fields are reduced to 32 to 5.

These decisions correspond with Eid Al Edha with the main motive of maintaining stability. These decisions align with the UAE policies of support and empowerment, ensuring ease of life and a streamlined process to all the investors who are interested in buying a home in Dubai but facing certain problems.

About Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme

Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme is an initiative by the UAE government to open a door of endless opportunities for property investment for the people who have been struggling for longer and not able to find a property in the UAE. This program gives 100% assistance to the national citizens of the UAE who find it cumbersome to search a suitable home. The income holders with AED 15,000 or less can apply for this program and take advantage of the same.

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