UAE Health Ministry

The UAE Health Ministry to take positive calls on action companies promoting a totally smoking-free environment.

The UAE Health Ministry and Prevention (MoHAP) has released strict disciplinary actions against employees disobeying the tobacco-free workplace guidelines that was released on June 10. The ministry’s guidebook and laws for government official guidelines and private employees provides instructions for managers and high-level employees on establishing a tobacco-free environment.

The ministry has recommended that the government must execute tobacco-free policy as an integral part of the professional performance document. Everyone present at the facility is subject to the policy and must adhere to the policy “without any exceptions,” including managers, staff members, independent contractors, experts, consultants, suppliers, and outside guests.

As per the UAE Government, Smoking is absolutely prohibited throughout the premises, especially in enclosed or indoor areas, and in (the company’s) cars. The location of the establishment, including the parking lots and outdoor spaces, should have “No smoking” signs. The institution must not have any dedicated smoking areas, according to the guide.

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