UK Investors relocating to Dubai

UK investors relocating to Dubai real estate market along with expats who are also migrating to Dubai due to the favourable Dubai real estate market that is experiencing a major surge. Visible increase in UK residents migrating to Dubai for retirement and investment purpose. UK investors in large numbers who are looking for properties for retirement and investment purpose are shifting to Dubai. The luxury residential properties are the biggest reason behind this surge.

The burgeoning use of Al (Artificial Intelligence) is further increasing the demand for luxury properties, enabling the development of smart buildings that deliver more efficiency, sustainability, and comfort to the occupants. This further transform customer’s engagement in property investments.

As per Sachin Kumar Singh, Business Head and Managing Partner at Foreman Fiefdom, a Dubai-based leading real estate management company, “There are several considerations for investors looking to enter or expand their presence in Dubai’s luxury real estate market.”

The senior executives from other real estate consultancies also supported the increasing demand for ultra-modern and premium residential real estate in Dubai.

Dubai offers lucrative investment opportunities to UK residents

According to the recent study of Arabian Business, Dubai offers more luxury options as compared to London. Leading developers are putting more emphasis on launching luxurious and ultra-modern residential projects in Dubai to meet the increasing overseas demand.

“To manage the enduring demand, developers are in a race to match Dubai’s remarkable ascent as one of the most coveted luxury home markets – primary and secondary – worldwide,” the senior executives at Maria Morris said.

Al and Technology – to further enhance the demand in the future

Industry experts further said that Al and other tech innovations, supported by developers and top Dubai real estate consultancies, further adds to the upsurging demand of luxury residential apartments by way of introducing branded smart houses with complete customization for luxury living.

Through the use of Al-powered chatbots and automated customer service platforms, real estate companies in Dubai provide personalized and round-the-clock service to the clients, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience and further increasing the demand of luxury residential properties.

“Dubai’s vision to become a global hub for real estate is well-supported by its commitment to innovation, as evidenced by its early adoption of Al and technology in various sectors, including real estate,” Foremen Fiefdom’s Singh said.
Further, he added that “One of the key areas where Al is revolutionising the real estate market is in property valuation.“

Source: Arabian Business

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