UAE Speed limit decreased on Al Ittihad

New speed limit to ensure smooth traffic flow

UAE Speed limit decreased on Al Ittihad and Al Wahada Roads in Sharjah to ensure smooth traffic movement! The Roads and Transport Authority in Sharjah announced the reduction of speed limit on two famous roads, namely, Al Ittihad and Al Wahda, on Saturday.

The motorists are advised to adhere to a speed of 80 k mph instead of 100 k mph to ensure a smooth traffic flow. However, it is not clear when this new traffic rule will come into effect.

Fines and penalties for over speeding in Sharjah will depend on the road and the speed limit of the vehicle. According to the Federal traffic law, penalties can start at Dh300 and rise up to Dh3,000, with black points and seizure of the vehicle. The main motive behind this smart move by the government is to ensure a smooth traffic flow in the city.

Source: Khaleej Times

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